Laser Skin Tightening – GentleMax PRO 

What is it?

Laser skin tightening and rejuvenation with the GentleMAX Pro is a unique treatment. Using ND-Yag laser wavelengh, energy is delivered deep into to the tissue which is absorbed by collagen cells causing them to contract. This promotes active stimulation of  new collagen production which gives the skin its tone and elasticity.

 How it works?

Our GentleMax Pro laser skin tightening system is so successful because it works with your body to tighten your skin. With the GentleMax Pro, we deliver gentle laser energy into your tissue. Then, it absorbs the energy as heat without harming the surface area. This heat, in turn, creates a mild healing response in your skin, and one of the first things your body responds with is renewed production of collagen.

With renewed collagen, you regain tone and elasticity in your skin, which tightens up your problem areas. While the GentleMax Pro can’t bring you back to your youth, it can restore new vitality to your skin that will belie your years.


  •  firmer and tighter skin
  • skin rejuvenation
  • Reduction fine lines 

Recovery time?

  • Zero downtime
  • You may experience some mild redness or swelling, but these typically resolve themselves quickly.

Post Treatment?

Treatment Intervals

For optical results we recommend you take 3-5 sessions spaced 3-4 weeks apart to give time for new collagen production to take effect.